Parent Handbook


By registering for Teen Extreme you are making a commitment to fully participate in a group travel program with a demanding schedule. Each day is packed with touring, activities, and programming. In order to ensure the success of the experience, we expect you to stay on the schedule, stay with the group at all times, and contribute to the positive group dynamics of your traveling community. Although the program is intensive and has necessary limitations on free time, there is plenty of room for personal exploration, shopping, and relaxation.


Teen Extreme uses a variety of hotels, cabins, dormitories and camping experiances for accommodations. At most locations, rooming is set up for two participants per room, and occasionally it is based on four participants lodging, always in individual beds. We periodically rotate the rooming assignments to provide a better opportunity to get to know one another and build group bonds unless we recieve a specific request otherwise.


The Teen Extreme emergency contact number is 1-847-452-4609, and calls are handled by the Director, Zalman Notik. This emergency phone number is available 24 hours a day , regardless of location.


All non-emergency inquiries should be directed through our main office. The Teen Extreme office will be open throughout the summer from 9:00am CDT to 5:00pm CDT from Monday through Friday. Feel free to email us at any time at

Participants are encouraged to bring a cell phone on the program. However, please keep in mind that Teen Extreme regards cell phone use during the program as a privilege.  Participants must exercise discretion when using the phones (i.e. respect sleeping roommates, etc.)If necessary, program staff reserves the right to revoke the privilege if it is abused.


For parents and friends who wish to contact a participant during the trip, we will provide calling cards for international calling so that your children can call you.  If you would like to reach your son please call the number provided. Our group will typically return to our lodging in the early evening, and this is the best time to call.


A handful of the hotels, dormitories and lodges at which we stay will have internet stations available which participants are welcome to use during free time – usually for an additional fee. However, often there are only one or two such stations available, and many eager customers. It is best not to expect participants to have online access during the program. We strongly discourage bringing a laptop or any expensive communication devices on the trip as the risk of theft or damage is very high.


Teen Extreme will post photos of our adventures on our very own blog periodically during our trip. Family and Friends can access the pictures online at throughout the trip. Family members will receive email notifications whenever new pictures are posted.


Sleeping accommodations, meals, in trip transportation and all program activities are covered by the core program fee. The only spending that is up to your teens discretion may be snacks, souvenirs and gifts. We estimate that $50 for the week is more than sufficient to cover all such expenses. To reiterate, bringing spending money on the trip is not a requirement but a supplement. Any money that will be brought on the trip will be up to your teen to safeguard and use appropriately.


We highly recommend that you only bring one main piece of luggage (duffel bags and rolling suitcases work best) and one backpack for daily travel on the road.


When deciding what to bring on the trip, the most important thing to keep in mind are the activities versus the weather. The weather in Israel during the summer is typically dry and hot. We will however be camping in areas that have overnight lows in the 60’s. We will be doing some hiking and challenging activities. Please refer to our Packing list for specifics.