Teen Agreement

Please print and fill the form below.

For reasons of safety and security, Teen Extreme forbids the following:

1. Breaking any municipal, Israeli, or federal law.

2. Possession or use of any illegal drug or drug paraphernalia.

3. Possession or drinking of alcohol.

4. Leaving the group without permission.

5. Bullying or intimidation of any kind.

Should a teenager violate any of the above rules and regulations he will be dismissed from the program without compensation.

Teen Extreme expects all teens to comply with all staff members instructions. Staff members are joining this trip for your safety and security and they should be respected as such. Respect for peers and companions on this program are a must. Any deviation of the above are grounds for dismissal from this program

The undersigned acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the above rules, and the signing of the Agreement signifies their acceptance of the above Rules. Please understand that if a teenager   breaks the rules, that Teenager must accept responsibility for his actions. 

Teenager’s Name (Please Print) _____________________________________

Teenager’s Signature  ___________________________________________

Parent or Guardian’s Signature ____________________________________

Date ________________________________________________________